my best friend is highly anti-abortion, while i am highly pro-choice.  she doesn’t know i’m pro-choice, but I wonder how/if it would change our friendship if she did know.. she probably would accept my opinion as a person, however, she can be highly un-open-minded towards these situations.  i was recently telling her that i was getting highly involved with feminism, “rape-culture”, and moral acceptance for all (lgbt, “people of size”, color (yes, still very much an issue i’m afraid), age, so on so forth)… she said “that is so you, laura.” so i guess i’ve found my niche. maybe i’ll be a politician. lolno

i’ve noticed even in my own family, they still make chiding remarks towards fat people, or asian people, or african americans, or gays.  once i started openly making anti-gay statements i recognized that their remarks of “oh my god, listen to him, he is so gay.” started to dwell down.  think of it.  all i had to do was speak out in an unaggressive (yet quite serious) tone and express my thoughts. what if we all did this? we could very much put a damper on hate and self-hatred for that matter.

so the next time you hear a friend, or a coworker, or a family member say that “why is that fat person getting married?” ask “why couldn’t a fat person get married.”


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